Mrs. Mansfield's Middle Ground


12/14/2009 10:13:32


When we return from winter break, students will be starting a biography unit.  We will read "My Furthest Back Person" by Alex Haley.  This essay chronicles Haley's journey to discovery his family's roots.  As many of you know, this journey culminated in his authoring the novel Roots, one of the defining works of 20th century American literature.  To prepare us for this reading, we will be watching a portion of the mini-series in the classroom this week. 

In January, students will explore their own roots by interviewing one of their "furthest-back" people. Each student will be required to plan and conduct an interview and write a biography about a specific phase in that person's life. 

We also continue to learn about grammar.  Check out the Useful Links page for some grammar games.

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