Mrs. Mansfield's Middle Ground
Adapted from Journey to Japan: A Day in the Life of a Japanese Child, a webquest by Nancy Leek


Japanese Culture Webquest

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be live in another country?  What would be different?  What would be the same?  What would you eat for breakfast?  What games would you play?

Our class is going to journey to Japan and find out how Japanese children live.  You will become a Japanese child, choose a Japanese name, and tell us about your family, your school, and your favorite things to do.”

Write your answers on a sheet of lined paper in complete sentences.

1)      Japanese names are different than Western names.  Choose a Japanese name for yourself.



2)      Food is an important part of every culture.  Explore the listing of Japanese foods using the link Popular Japanese Main Dishes (or go to


What is your favorite rice dish?_____________________________


What is your favorite noodle dish?__________________________


Do you have any other favorites?_____________________________



3)      Tonight you are going to a restaurant to eat.  Brush up on your etiquette (manners) using the Virtual Japanese Restaurant link.

What words must be said before a meal and what do they mean?




4) What words are spoken after a meal and why?



5)      During a traditional Japanese meal, you may have many dishes before you.  In what order do you eat them?





6)      Go back to the main webpage, Journey to Japan: A Day in the Life of a Japanese Child.  Click on the link, 6 Fun After School Clubs. (


What three after school activities could also be found in the United States?




What is kendo?  What values does it teach? 




7)      What Western game is Shogi similar to?



8)      What is the Japanese art of paper-folding called?




9)      Go back to the main page and click on Folktales of Japan.  (Or go to  Read at least on folktale and give a summary of the plot below. (Who is in the story?  What is the problem?  What is the outcome? Include any additional details you desire.)



10)  Use the Famous Japanese Characters link from the main page. Which is your favorite character and why?





11)  Reflect on your journey to Japan.  What did you learn from this visit?  How is the life of a Japanese child different from yours?  What do you have in common?  Do you think you would like to live in Japan?